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    Improve Efficiency With Information

    Kemper 1st Choice Payroll offers a wide array of reports which serve to document the payroll information in a user-friendly manner. Some of these reports are standard and generated with each payroll processed, while others can be tailored to your specific needs. All of these options are available in an electronic format which supports a paperless process. The online retrieval process allows easy retrieval and on-site, electronic storage.

    1. Standard reports are generated after each payroll processed. These reports are available to download from the hosted environment, where the files exist in an encrypted state and can only be read with a specific electronic viewer provided to you free of charge. This process allows you to build a history of payroll information and keep it at your fingertips.
    2. Custom reports are available for your specific business needs. Examples of these custom reports include: retirement plan contribution and company match report, general ledger report, vacation accrual report, workman comp report, TPA census report and union report, just to name a few.
    3. Ad hoc reporting allows you to create your own reports on your schedule. You are able to save them in your library, and export them to Excel for further manipulation. There is no additional cost for these reports.

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