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The Tax Laws Involved in Hiring Domestic Workers
If you hire domestic help, you must follow complex tax laws based on whether the worker is an employee under y
Terre Haute Kemper Office named "Best CPA Firm" by Tribune Star!
Congratulations to our Terre Haute office, which has been named "Best CPA Firm" by Tribune Star in their 2015
How to Set Up an IRS-Approved Family Loan
It's not unusual to lend money to relatives and friends, but if the loans aren't properly structured with an "
Upcoming Tax Due Dates (April 2015)
See a quick, easy visual of due dates for quarterly and monthly tax reporting requirements (April and May) for
Manage Debts to Protect Bottom Line
Maximize the spread between cash outlays and inflows with a well-designed program to manage accounts payable.
Getting Rid of an Electronic Headache
Spam is reaching epidemic proportions. (Plus, the visual of that canned meat is just nasty...) Spam e-mails cu
Kemper Forensics is Here to Help!
When forensic technology is needed contact Kemper Forensics. They can answer legal questions and help make tou
A Tax Day Thank You from All of Us Here at Kemper
It's Tax Day!! All of us at Kemper want to say THANK YOU to our awesome clients, for trusting us with all of t
Some Upcoming Tax Due Dates
Review all of the important April tax due dates for businesses, employers, individuals, and not-for-profits!
Speed Up Payment on Receivables
Accounts receivable got that name for good reason -- your business doesn't see any cash until those bills are
Why Have a Business Valued?
There are many tax and legal reasons to value a business interest. This article provides a rundown of some of
Insurance That Keeps Everyone Satisfied
You can provide a much desired benefit to employees at little cost to your company. Group long-term care insur