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Profits: How low can you go?
If your profits are down, don’t panic. Your financial statements can help you detect clues to solve the mystery of your disappearing profits.
Can you deduct business travel when it’s combined with a vacation?
If you go on a business trip within the United States and tack on some vacation days, you might be able to deduct some of your expenses. Here’s what you need to know.
Make sure repairs to tangible property were actually repairs before you deduct the cost
If your business made building or equipment repairs last year, the cost might be fully deductible on your 2017 tax return. But it might not be...
Is your nonprofit’s board providing adequate fiscal oversight?
Your board needs to ensure that your nonprofit has reliable operating cash flow, avoids unnecessary risk and adheres to accounting policies. If members aren’t qualified to make these calls, you may need to look beyond your current board.
Home-related tax breaks are valuable on 2017 returns, will be less so for 2018
Are you a homeowner? Then home-related tax breaks may provide significant savings on your 2017 return. But the tax-saving outlook isn’t as rosy for 2018.
Kemper Receives 2nd Place in "Best Places to Work in Indiana" for Large Employer Category!
The awards ceremony for the "Best Places to Work in Indiana" designation was held last Thursday evening at the Indiana Convention Center. We are pleased to announce that Kemper received 2nd Place overall in the Large Employer Category!
Fighting fraud with everyday accounting tools
Did you know that basic variance analysis can uncover kickbacks and fictitious vendors? Or that contribution margins can reveal skimming or inventory theft? Learn how experts use these tools.
Lifestyles Interview on WEHT with Martin Roth and Jason Wray
Our own partner and certified Information Technology professional, Martin Roth, as well as Jason Wray, a Microsoft Certified System Engineer, joined the Lifestyles segment on WEHT on Thursday to answer some questions about Information Technology.
Now may be a good time to start a paid family and medical leave program
Many employers would like to provide paid leave but can’t afford to do so. If you’re among them, consider the newly created tax credit for paid family and medical leave, which can offset some of the costs.
How up-to-date job descriptions can help every organization
Within each organization is a narrative of people fulfilling roles and accomplishing tasks. Where can you read this narrative? Why, in your job descriptions, of course. Make sure yours are current.
Home vs. away: The company retreat conundrum
When planning a company retreat, you may wield home field advantage by holding the event at your offices. But taking your team on the road could score you some stronger strategic ideas.
Building a sales prospect pipeline for your business
Every business wants to fuel its success with a high-octane sales process. To make that happen, you need an effective pipeline to get the right prospects to your sales team.

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