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Kemper Technology Consulting Now Offers Security and Forensics Services!
Digital Forensics utilizes applications in technology, law, and forensic science to help solve legal matters.
Tax Filing Reminders
Don't forget about these important tax filing deadlines!
Don't make these common IRA mistakes
These days we need to do all we can to boost our retirement savings, and tax breaks can be a big help.
Energy Credits are Still Available!
The IRS reminds taxpayers that certain energy credits are still available.
Medicare Taxes can be Harmful to your Financial Health
Two new Medicare taxes will inflict pain on the wallets of many higher-earning taxpayers.
New Excise Tax
The Affordable Care Act establishes a new initiative to improve health, funded in part by a new excise tax.
IRS Announces 2013 Deduction Limits for Business Vehicles
The IRS has published depreciation limits for business vehicles first placed in service this year.
IRS Updates
Here's an update on recent IRS activity that may be of interest to you.
PPACA Employer Mandate
Signed into law in March 2010, Health Care Reform is now in the implementation phase.
PPACA Employer Notice Requirement
Signed into law in March 2010, Health Care Reform is now in the implementation phase.
Deductions reduced for those with higher incomes
As you start your 2013 tax planning, you may have to deal with the loss of certain deductions.
Filing Reminder for Tax-Exempts
The deadline for nonprofit filings is the 15th day of the fifth month after their year-end.

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