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What's the Latest on Health Care Reform?
A quick update that covers provisions in health care reform that is currently in effect and coming up in 2013.
Most Businesses Need to File Information Returns
Every trade or business must file information returns for each year that certain payments are made.
'Tis the Season for Phishing
With tax season quickly approaching, online scammers find this time of year ideal for phishing.
What Changes If We Go Over the "Fiscal Cliff"?
Here are a few of the changes you'll see effective January 1, 2013, if we go over the "fiscal cliff."
Check Your Tax Situation Before Year-end
December 31, 2012, will be a very important date in the lives of taxpayers. Learn how it could affect you.
Homework for Mom & Dad
Now is the perfect time to consider options for funding your children's college education.
How to Fix Tax Return Errors
Mistakes or omissions on tax returns may be resolved by filing an amended 2011 return.
Attackers, Hackers, & Password Hijackers
This past weekend Mat Honan, tech guru and senior writer for Wired, was victim to a devastating cyber attack
"Contemporaneous" or Bust
Learn about the proper documentation you will need when claiming a charitable contribution on your tax return.
Capital Gains and Losses: New Twists for 2012
Due to pending tax law changes, you might try to reap more capital gains than losses.
Supreme Court Upholds 2010 Health Care Law
An overview of the status of selected provisions under the Affordable Care Act
What to Consider in Making the Social Security Decision
If you're approaching retirement and are eligible for social security, you have three broad options.