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Kemper Forensics is Here to Help!
When forensic technology is needed contact Kemper Forensics. They can answer legal questions and help make tou
A Tax Day Thank You from All of Us Here at Kemper
It's Tax Day!! All of us at Kemper want to say THANK YOU to our awesome clients, for trusting us with all of t
Some Upcoming Tax Due Dates
Review all of the important April tax due dates for businesses, employers, individuals, and not-for-profits!
Speed Up Payment on Receivables
Accounts receivable got that name for good reason -- your business doesn't see any cash until those bills are
Why Have a Business Valued?
There are many tax and legal reasons to value a business interest. This article provides a rundown of some of
Insurance That Keeps Everyone Satisfied
You can provide a much desired benefit to employees at little cost to your company. Group long-term care insur
Could More Internet Taxation Be in Your Future?
While the Internet has opened up a new world for businesses and individuals, the borders of this new universe
Digital Forensics: Recovering a Deleted Document
Read this important post from Brad Garnett, Digital Forensics Consultant with Kemper Forensics. Brad is an exp
Four Smart Reasons to Outsource Payroll
You may be surprised how affordable it can be to outsource payroll preparation. Take a look at four reasons wh
Charitable Contributions Must Pass Strict Documentation Rules
Donations made to charitable organizations must comply with strict rules in order to benefit your tax return.
Tax Planning Basics
While lower tax rates were made permanent for most taxpayers in 2013, higher-income taxpayers face both tax in
One of the Best Legal Bargains in America
Do you worry about another business using your company name? Relax. By taking one simple legal step, you can r

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