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Kemper Named One of the Top 100 Places to Work in Indiana for 2015!
We are proud to announce Kemper CPA Group LLP was named one of the Top 100 Places to Work in Indiana for 2015!
Long-Term Care Insurance Can Be a Tax-Free Perk
For tax purposes, long-term care insurance grows more attractive depending on WHO buys the policy. There's a b
Tax Bites - Helpful Bites of Information for Tax Season (Week of 2/23/15)
Should you forgo a personal exemption so your child can take the American Opportunity credit?
When a Company Retains Counsel for Employees
Under Rules of Professional Conduct, attorneys can be hired by companies for their employees under certain con
John R. Bushouse Joins Kemper as a Partner in the Columbus, Indiana Office!
Kemper CPA Group is pleased to announce that John R. Bushouse has joined the firm as a partner in the Columbus
Carrie Hanni Joins Kemper as a Partner in the Plainfield Indiana Office!
Kemper CPA Group LLP is pleased to announce the addition of Carrie Hanni, CPA, as partner of the firm. Carrie
Is Payroll Fraud Occurring at Your Company?
If internal controls in your payroll system are inadequate, your company could be susceptible to fraud. Consid
Six Red Flags of Financial Statement Fraud
Internal fraud can hit any company, regardless how diligent it is in hiring staff members. But there are signs
One Less Administrative Burden
The Medicare Act eliminates the need for employers to file information reports with the IRS about debit card p
Kemper Web Team Can Build Your Website
Our awesomely nerdy Kemper Web Team can build e-commerce shopping cart websites to bring your brick-and-mortar
Our Paducah, Kentucky Office Has Moved
We are pleased to announce that our Paducah, Kentucky office has moved, but not too far! The new location is j
Ten Ways to Receive Tax-Free Income
Did you know that you can earn tax-free income? It's true! All together now: woo-hoo!! Click below to read our

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