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Does your nonprofit properly report donations?
Do Forms 8282 and 8283 sound familiar? If not, your nonprofit may be neglecting to file required forms about donations or to obtain required forms from donors. Learn more so that your organization can avoid penalties.
It’s time for a midyear checkup!
How often does your company issue financial reports? Monitoring performance periodically before year end can pay off. But there are potential shortcomings to watch out for in your interim reports.
Procurement procedures: Is your nonprofit really in compliance?
Failure to comply with revised procurement standards could result in your nonprofit’s loss of federal funding. We summarize the rules and provide tips for clearing various purchasing hurdles.
Your original will: Does your family know where to locate it?
A will is a cornerstone of an estate plan. If your family doesn’t know where you keep the original document, a court might administer your estate as if you’d died without a will, producing undesirable results.
Effectively communicating with the audit committee
Presenting to audit committees is second nature for external auditors. But sometimes committee members need insight from management. Learn ways to more effectively communicate your messages.
How some spouses attempt to hide income and assets during divorce
When divorcing spouses fail to disclose assets, it might be explained by a simple lack of knowledge. But when nondisclosure is intentional, that’s fraud. In either situation, experts can uncover the hidden assets.
Say, just how competitive is your business anyway?
Running a profitable company is no game; but you’ve still got to play to win. That’s why it’s important to regularly evaluate the competitiveness of your business.
Profits: How low can you go?
If your profits are down, don’t panic. Your financial statements can help you detect clues to solve the mystery of your disappearing profits.
Can you deduct business travel when it’s combined with a vacation?
If you go on a business trip within the United States and tack on some vacation days, you might be able to deduct some of your expenses. Here’s what you need to know.
Make sure repairs to tangible property were actually repairs before you deduct the cost
If your business made building or equipment repairs last year, the cost might be fully deductible on your 2017 tax return. But it might not be...
Is your nonprofit’s board providing adequate fiscal oversight?
Your board needs to ensure that your nonprofit has reliable operating cash flow, avoids unnecessary risk and adheres to accounting policies. If members aren’t qualified to make these calls, you may need to look beyond your current board.
Home-related tax breaks are valuable on 2017 returns, will be less so for 2018
Are you a homeowner? Then home-related tax breaks may provide significant savings on your 2017 return. But the tax-saving outlook isn’t as rosy for 2018.