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Why the “kiddie tax” is more dangerous than ever
If you’re considering making a gift of income-producing or appreciated assets to a minor or a college student, beware of the big, bad kiddie tax. It’s fiercer under the TCJA.
3 traditional midyear tax planning strategies for individuals that hold up post-TCJA
Tax planning might not be something you want to think about during the summer months. But midyear planning is important, especially this year. Here are three strategies to consider.
Kemper Security Tips: Cybercrime Pulls In a Million Bucks a Minute [INFOGRAPHIC]
More than a million dollars is lost every minute to cybercrime. New research shows that despite businesses spending roughly $171K every minute on cybersecurity, $1.1M is lost to cybercrime.
What you can deduct when volunteering
Assuming a charity is qualified, you may be able to deduct some of the out-of-pocket costs you incur when volunteering for the organization. But the rules are complex.
Fraud prevention is a cost small businesses can’t forgo
An effective fraud-prevention program doesn’t have to break your small business’s budget. For example, background checks are relatively inexpensive but worth their weight in gold. Here are more tips.
Skimming: Stealing a little off the top
Not surprisingly, stealing cash receipts (skimming) is a particularly popular scheme with crooked employees. Unfortunately, skimming can be hard to detect. But there are ways to minimize losses.
Double duty giving with charitable gift annuities
Because financial markets can be volatile, an investment that provides guaranteed fixed income for life has great appeal. A charitable gift annuity offers such income, plus estate planning benefits and more.
6 ways to run a better meeting
Are your meetings late-starting, slow-moving gripe fests that leave everyone involved feeling like they just squandered an hour (or two) of their workday? Let’s talk solutions.
What’s the difference between a plan document and an SPD?
Administering a health and welfare benefits plan isn’t easy. Even a basic concept such as how the plan document differs from the summary plan description calls for careful attention to detail.
Partner Spotlight: Kemper Technology Consulting
Our partner Martin Roth was recently featured on the TransactionPro blog for using their product to save a client tons of time! Read the full article on their website.
Trust is an essential building block of today’s websites
The foundation of every effective business website contains one common building block: trust. You need to make sure customers feel welcome and secure when visiting yours. Consider these tips.
3 keys to a successful accounting system upgrade
Should you unlock a new and better version of your company’s accounting software? This decision can be made easier by looking at these three key considerations.

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