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    Payroll How You Want It

    Kemper 1st Choice Payroll offers a number of options regarding the distribution of payroll on payday.

    1. Direct deposit is a convenient, cost efficient method which is highly regarded for its security. Our system allows you to print off the payroll vouchers at your location for distribution if you have 100% participation in direct deposit. This option eliminates the need to mail anything.
    2. Debit cards are offered to your employees who may not have a bank account. Our debit card program is offered through Directo, an English/Spanish option. This program is a cost-effective alternative for the “unbankable” and is considered a direct deposit alternative.
    3. Check printing is available as well as stuffing and sealing. We print on high security check stock.

    Delivery options offered based on your specific needs:

    1. Printing and distributing the vouchers at your location is an option if you have 100% direct deposit participation. Directo is considered direct deposit.
    2. Overnight shipping is the preferred method of delivery because of the ability to track the package throughout the mailing process.
    3. U.S. Mail can be used to mail checks directly to the employee, but it is the least preferred because it lacks the ability to track. Also, the higher probability of interception of the delivery increases the potential of fraudulent activity.

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