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Hiring and Onboarding

Choose an all-in-one-solution for a fast, simple, and paperless hiring and onboarding process for you and your new employees.  Select a cloud-based tool that streamlines the entire hiring and onboarding process for your HR department and make a great impression on applicants and your new employees.

Hiring.  Kemper 1st Choice Payroll’s hiring solution allows you to create a unique experience for your applicants.  Features include:

  1. Post positions with prescreening questions for easier review of qualified applicants.
  2. Choose the manner in which applicants can respond including written, video or voice.
  3. Upload postings to job boards and extensive job databases.
  4. Manage applicants and review key hiring indicators.
  5. Incorporate Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) questions within the hiring process.
  6. Sync with your calendar to forward interview appointments.
  7. Upload a customized offer letter to your newest employee.

Onboarding.  Continue the experience for your new employees with an efficient electronic onboarding process.  Features include:

  1. New employees will receive your welcome email with instructions to access their secure employee portal.
  2. New employees will establish an electronic signature to use with the onboarding documents you have selected to include in the onboarding process.
  3. New employees can securely upload documents like their driver’s license and passport.
  4. Your HR administrator reviews and approves all of the information before it flows to the payroll platform.

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