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    Putting Technology To Work For You

    You can’t stop moving forward and expect your business to grow. If there is one thing technology is not, it’s stagnant – relying on outdated technology and failing to utilize the tools available to you can impact your business’ bottom line. Kemper Technology Consulting offers a full range of services designed to keep your critical business systems working for you. Our certified information technology consultants can help you determine which services you need to optimize the performance of your technology systems, whether you need assistance with installing accounting software and training your staff or turn-key programming and custom networking solutions.

    The founding partners of Kemper CPA Group LLP embraced technology from the very beginning, becoming one of the first Midwest accounting firms to offer tabulating equipment to clients in 1967 and utilizing computers and electronic data in the early 1970s. With a commitment to provide our clients with the best technology solutions available, Kemper Technology Consulting was founded in 1983. Today, we remain as committed as ever to keeping pace with technology, providing you with the most current technology solutions to your business’ evolving needs.

    Accounting Software

    Choosing accounting software isn’t easy, and different businesses have different accounting needs. Kemper Technology Consulting’s background in accounting allows us to provide complete solutions for your accounting needs, including choosing software, installation, training, and maintenance.

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    Cisco Technology

    Take advantage of the Internet to bring your business together, no matter your geographical location. Kemper Technology Consulting can help you use the power of Cisco unified communications to make your dispersed company function as though every location were right next door.

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    Internet Services

    There’s much more your company can get out of the Internet than just a website. With our web development team’s experience on your side, you can put the power of the Internet to work for you by updating your current website, making you a new site, or applying the potency of Internet marketing.

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    Network Design & Support

    No matter what kind of business you operate, technology is at the forefront in making it possible. Consumers are living an always-connected lifestyle, and businesses have followed. Kemper Technology Consulting is a Microsoft Gold Partner, which means we have the knowledge and resources to ensure your business is connecting with its customers effectively.

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    Point of Sale

    A point of sale system is just one of those things every business needs. However, with the right people behind it, your point of sale system can be used to grow your business. Kemper Technology Consulting offers the full point of sale package including cash registers, inventory management, and e-commerce solutions.

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    Remote Support

    With remote computer support technology, we’re able to work on your computer as if it was here in our office. This means Kemper Technology Consulting’s certified technicians can take a look at your computer immediately, without having to wait for drive time.

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    Security and Forensic Support

    With our security and forensic specialists, we are able to help you recover emails, documents and other files from your computer, protect critical information on your computer infrastructure from a future cyber-attack, and aid in digital forensics.

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