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Internet Services

A Powerful Tool In Experienced Hands

You’ve been told a thousand times that your company needs a website, but what you may not have been told is how to use your website to bring in new customers. A website doesn’t just magically generate customers – it has to be purpose-built to do so. In fact, if a website is built by an inexperienced team, it could be difficult or even impossible for new customers to find it. Those thousands were right when they told you that your company needed a website, but what is it good for if customers can’t find it?

Kemper Technology Consulting’s web development team knows exactly how customers are trying to find your website, and they know how to put your website to work for you. Using up-to-date search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, our web development team can change your website from an expense into a profitable marketing tool. They’re also versed in Internet marketing strategies, which can take a business from being unheard of into a household name.

Hosting Services

All website and email hosting services are not created equal. If you already have a host, do you know if your data is secure? If you don’t have a host, be sure you choose a company who is willing to tell you where your data is being stored, and what kind of backup features are in place.

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Internet Marketing

With Internet marketing now competing with the likes of television, radio, and newspaper ads, how can your company afford to ignore this segment of potential customers? Kemper Technology Consulting has the experience and knowledge to lead your marketing efforts in the right direction.

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Web Application Development

Just like any other company, your business has time-consuming processes which add unwieldy amounts of overhead that take away from your bottom line. These processes are vital to running your business and can’t simply be dropped; however, they can be simplified with a web application.

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Website Design & Programming

The Internet is the world’s largest and most convenient information source – is your company using it properly? We don’t just make you a website; we take advantage of the Internet to add to the success of your business.

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