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Point of Sale

Simplify Your Inventory and Checkout Processes

Every business regularly trades their products or services for money. For many businesses, there are hundreds or even thousands of these transactions taking place every day. No matter the size of the business, there is a point of sale (POS) system processing these transactions behind the scenes. Some POS systems just handle the exchange of money, while more advanced POS systems are capable of managing inventory both in the store and over the Internet using e-commerce.

If you’re getting your new business started, or expanding your business to a new location, or if you’re considering expanding the capabilities of your business, you’re going to have to consider what kind of point of sale system to use, and what business functions it will help you with. That’s where Kemper Technology Consulting comes in.

Kemper Technology Consulting has full-time point of sale technicians ready to learn how your company works and tell you exactly what kinds of POS components could benefit your business. Our professionals can then acquire those components for you and install your POS system from the ground up. If you need more than just a cash register, we can also set up your store with inventory tracking systems or even an e-commerce solution so you can take your business into the future with online sales. Once your system is set up, we never stop working for you by offering training, support, and maintenance as often as you need it.

Consultation, Installation & Training

If you’re starting a new business, opening a new store, or making changes to a current store, you’ll want to consider how you’ll be managing your inventory and transactions. Kemper Technology Consulting can help you every step of the way, from recommending and installing point of sale hardware and software to training you and your employees how to use it.

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Credit & Debit Card Processing

Don’t leave your customers tapping their feet while your outdated credit card machine dials up. Kemper Technology Consulting can get your transactions processed quickly with our fast credit and debit card processing hardware.

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Integration With Accounting Software & E-Commerce

Your point of sale system can do so much more for you than just run transactions. Kemper Technology Consulting can build you an all-in-one solution with accounting and e-commerce software to run your transactions, manage your inventory, and even let you sell your products on the Internet, allowing you to grow your business as much as you want.

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Maintenance & Support

Point of sale systems may be a complicated part of your business, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have any control over it. At Kemper Technology Consulting, we have the experience to get help you with any issues you may be facing with your point of sale system, no matter who installed it in the first place.

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