With Coronavirus and influenza concerns on the rise, you may want to look into remote access for your employees to work from home. Kemper Technology Consulting has two solutions for your business. As a Managed Service (MSP) customer, this is already included as part of your plan. Other customers can add the following solution for a low cost.

There is a software solution we recommend to implement to allow your employees to work from home. We have been using this solution for years in our own offices and for support purposes. Please contact us at 800-887-4995 if you are interested.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does it cost?
    Multiple pricing options are available. Options as low as  $360 per year with up to 25 connections.  $20 per month for individual accounts.
  2. Is this solution secure?
    Yes. This solution can incorporate two-factor authentication which includes high-level encryption.
  3. I have a Managed Services contract with KTC. Do I have this feature?
    Yes. All Managed Service Plan (MSP) clients already have remote access capabilities. Please contact us for assistance.