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Thinking Ahead to Your Next Form 990
You may be alert to such issues as unrelated business income, but the IRS requires nonprofits to report many activities on their Form 990. We suggest you keep four lesser-recognized issues in mind this year.
As Any Parent with a Child in College Knows, Higher Education is Expensive.
To help with these expenses, you may be able to take an early, penalty-free IRA withdrawal to pay for higher education during the tax year.
You May Still Be Reeling from Paying Your 2023 Taxes by the April 15, 2024, Due Date.
If you don't pay enough tax during the year, you may owe a penalty for underpayment of tax.
Federal Regulators Expand Overtime Pay Requirements, Ban Most Noncompete Agreements
Two new federal rules regarding overtime pay and noncompete agreements have recently been adopted.
Should You Convert Your Business from a C to an S Corporation?
There are several factors to consider when converting from a C corporation to an S corporation. Here are four of the tax issues you may face.
4 Bookkeeping Pitfalls for Small Businesses to Avoid
Some entrepreneurs underestimate the importance of maintaining organized books and records for financial reporting purposes. Here are four tips for building a solid bookkeeping foundation.
A Married Couple Filing a Joint Tax Return Makes the Spouses “Jointly and Severally” Liable for the Entire Tax Due.
An ex-wife was denied "innocent spouse" relief and was liable for the entire tax due for that year.
The Tax Advantages of Including Debt in a C Corporation Capital Structure
There are potential federal income tax advantages when you include debt in the capital structure of a C corporation. Here’s a rundown.
$5.5 Billion Visa/Mastercard Settlement for Businesses
Any business that accepted Visa or Mastercard credit or debit cards between January 1, 2004 and January 25, 2019 is potentially eligible to file a claim.
4 Cost-cutting Areas to Help Your Business Boost Profits
When was the last time your business performed a formal expense review? This exercise can pay off by lowering costs and raising profits.
Pay Attention to the Tax Rules if You Turn a Hobby into a Business
There are a number of different hobbies that some taxpayers turn into businesses. Here’s how they can protect tax breaks on their tax returns.
Certain Small Business Owners May Qualify for Tax Breaks by Making Their Premises Accessible to People with Disabilities.
Small businesses may qualify for a credit of up to 50% off expenditures for making their premises accessible to the 61 million people in the US affected by disabilities.

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