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Workforce Management

Workforce Development tools empower your employees while creating an environment for your human resource department to move away from the paper shuffle and focus more on strategic endeavors.  With Kemper 1st Choice Payroll, you can choose from multiple solutions which will integrate with the payroll process.

401K Third Party Administrators (TPA)

Our 401K Third Party Administrators (TPA) offer a superior solution for the administration of your company’s 401K retirement plan.  Our TPAs understand the accuracy of year-end compliance work for retirement plans is of utmost importance.  We provide a high level of due diligence and review to ensure the retirement plan reporting to government agencies is correct. 

Benefit Administration

Choose to create a new experience for you, your employees, and your company’s benefit providers.  With a single sign on (SSO), you and your employees will have access to your company’s benefit suite.

Hiring and Onboarding

Choose an all-in-one-solution for a fast, simple, and paperless hiring and onboarding process for you and your new employees.  Select a cloud-based tool that streamlines the entire hiring and onboarding process for your HR department and make a great impression on applicants and your new employees.

Time Labor Management (TLM) Systems

Simplify the fundamental business priority of time keeping.  Today’s Time Labor Management (TLM) systems use hosted technology to collect, manage, and process employees’ time and attendance information without sacrificing integration with payroll.  Benefit from the many features available in today’s technologically savvy time keeping solutions.

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