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When Nonprofits Need to Register in Multiple States
If your nonprofit is required to register in multiple states, watch out! There’s no simple way to register in every state and rules vary widely by jurisdiction. Here’s what you need to know.
Budgeting is Key to a Successful Start-up
Navigating a start-up business without a financial roadmap can be perilous. Here’s how to jumpstart the budgeting process.
Keep Your Head in the Game to Attract IT Talent
When it comes to hiring and retaining the best IT staff, it’s game on. Every organization wants ’em and you’ve got to play hard to get ’em.
IRS Notices for Capital Gain Corrections
If you filed your return before May 16th, and had 28% gains on collectibles or Section 1250 gain you may be entitled to a refund due to an IRS error. The original IRS instructions for the 2018 Schedule D Tax Worksheet did not reflect the new 2018 regular tax rates and brackets for certain Schedule D filers.
The Crummey Trust: Still Relevant After All These Years
Do your trusts contain Crummey withdrawal powers? They should if you intend for contributions to qualify for the annual gift tax exclusion.
Fall Tax Planning
The trick to making tax planning a treat is to talk to your advisor.  Start doing a little planning now and avoid a big surprise when your tax return is filed this tax season.
Management Letters: Have You Implemented Any Changes?
It’s common for businesses to stick with the same policies, procedures and practices from year to year. Management letters offer fresh insights from the audit trenches. Here’s why you should heed your auditor’s advice.
The Results Are Mixed – 2018 Tax Impact
The 2018 tax year was the first full year impacted by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act signed into law in the fall of 2017. Tax preparers all across the country saw a mixed bag of results. In many cases, tax refunds were lower than the prior year, or small tax refunds the prior year turned into tax being owed at filing time in 2018.
How Experts Use Data Analysis to Detect Fraud
If you hire experts to uncover suspected fraud in your organization, don’t be surprised if they break out the data analytics tools. Three techniques are particularly effective. Learn what they are.
For Best Results, Start Your Strategic Planning Early
“Wait ’til next year” is the sad refrain of many sports fans. Business owners, however, shouldn’t wait until next year to start strategic planning. Begin this important effort now.
2019 Q4 Tax Calendar: Key Deadlines for Businesses and Other Employers
For businesses, fall means it’s time to begin year-end tax planning. It’s also time to think about the fourth quarter 2019 filing deadlines.
Illinois Tax Amnesty Program
The amnesty program provides the opportunity for taxpayers to have eligible penalties and interest forgiven on delinquent taxes that are paid in full during the amnesty period. The program applies to both the Secretary of State and Illinois Department of Revenue.

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