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Child Tax Credit: The Rules Keep Changing but It’s Still Valuable
If you’re a parent, you know that children are expensive. Fortunately, there’s a federal Child Tax Credit that may help you with the expenses. Here are the current rules.
Reading the Tea Leaves: Potential Tax Legislation in the New Congress
The 2022 mid-term election has shifted the scales in Washington, D.C. While it remains to be seen if — and when — any tax-related legislation can muster the requisite bipartisan support, a review of certain provisions in existing laws may provide an indication of the many areas ripe for action in the next two years.
Have Employees Who Receive Tips? Here Are the Tax Implications
Here are some tax tips for businesses with employees who receive tips.
2022 Retirement Contributions
Though 2022 is behind us, you can still make certain retirement contributions for last year that can decrease your taxable income for 2022.
Answers to Your Questions About 2023 Limits on Individual Taxes
How much is the standard deduction in 2023? How much do you have to earn this year before you can stop paying Social Security on your salary? Here are some Q&As about these and other tax-related amounts for 2023.
Is Your Revocable Trust Fully Funded?
Want to avoid probate? Ensure your revocable trust is fully funded.
Retirement Plan Early Withdrawals: Make Sure You Meet the Requirements to Avoid a Penalty
Breaking into a retirement plan before age 59½ may result in a penalty tax. But there are exceptions. Here are the rules, along with what happened to one taxpayer who tried to avoid the penalty because he had diabetes.
A Refresher on Nonprofit Endowment Management
Nonprofit endowments can provide funding for programs and other budgetary items. And they can protect your organization from financial crises. Here’s how to manage this valuable asset for the long run.
Why You Might Want to File Early and Answers to Other Tax Season Questions
Why is it a good idea to file a tax return early? Here’s the answer to that and other filing season questions you may have.
5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Accounting Needs
Should your organization outsource its accounting needs? Here are some potential advantages to consider.
Deciding Whether to Make Lifetime Gifts or Bequests at Death Can Be a Deceptively Complex Question
Is it more tax advantageous to transfer wealth using lifetime gifts or bequests at death? It’s complicated.
Tax-wise Ways to Save for College
Parents often hear that their children “grow up so fast.” Before you know it, youngsters will be heading to college. Here are some tax-saving ways to build an education fund.

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