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Casualty Loss Deductions: You Can Claim One Only for a Federally Declared Disaster
The rules for deducting personal casualty losses on a tax return have changed for 2018 to 2025. Specifically, you generally can’t deduct losses unless the casualty event qualifies as a federally declared disaster.
Can “collective Impact” Help Your Nonprofit Accomplish More?
“Collective impact” projects can succeed in ways that simply aren’t available to individual nonprofit organizations. But these cross-sector initiatives can be complicated and time-consuming. Learn more.
Close-up on Professional Standards for CPAs
CPAs rank among the most trusted professionals. And that trust is well warranted because of the extensive guidance that accountants and auditors must follow.
Employee Vs. Independent Contractor: How Should You Handle Worker Classification?
Failure to properly treat workers as independent contractors can be an expensive mistake for employers. Take a look at ways to proactively plan ahead.
Automating Your Accounting Department
Robotic process automation (RPA) is the wave of the future … even in the accounting department. Find out best practices for getting started with automation software for routine financial reporting tasks.
Could Your Business Benefit from the Tax Credit for Family and Medical Leave?
There’s a family and medical leave credit that could be an attractive perk for your company’s employees. But there are the rules and restrictions and it’s only available for two tax years.
Using Knowledge Management to Develop Your Succession Plan
When you step down from your company, your winning smile won’t be the only thing walking out the door. Your knowledge will be, too. That’s why your succession planning should include knowledge management.
Prevent Fraud with the Help of Your Audit Committee
Audit committees need to conduct risk assessments and be informed about recent accounting developments. These are only two best practices for preventing fraud. What are the others?
ESG Issues: To Report or Not to Report?
When reporting on sustainability, one size doesn’t fit all companies, says the SEC. Find out how its views about reporting on environment, social and governance (ESG) matters differ from those of IOSCO and some stakeholders.
Stretch Your College Student’s Spending Money with the Dependent Tax Credit
Are you the parent of a child who is age 17 to 23? You may be eligible for a $500 dependent tax credit. Here are the qualifications.
Are Your Employees Flying the Red Flags of Fraud?
The signs of fraud are easy to overlook, in part because they aren’t necessarily signs of fraud. But business owners should look hard at these common red flags.
Hastily Choosing an Executor Can Lead to Problems After Your Death
Whom do you trust to be the executor (or personal representative) of your estate? The seemingly obvious choice may not be the best choice. Find out why.

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