Kemper Technology Consulting is here to make sure your business is secure from cyber security attacks. Here are three ways Kemper Technology Consulting can protect your business applications.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is used to ensure that digital users are who they say they are by requiring that they provide two or more verification factors to verify their identity.

The goal of MFA is to create a layered defense that makes it more difficult for an unauthorized person to access a target, such as a physical location, computing device, network or database. If one factor is compromised or broken, the attacker still has at least one or more barriers to breach before successfully breaking into the target.

Email Back-Up and Filtering

Email often contains valuable business information. Over time emails and their attachments can be lost or deleted. Backups keep your messages available for longer and make tracking them down much quicker.

Email phishing scams can bring down your business with a single click. Help prevent these messages from getting to your employees with enhanced filtering and scanning.


Geo-blocking, or geo-filtering, is the act of denying or limiting access to content based on a user’s location. Geo-blocking is useful on all types of content - including websites, articles and intellectual property.

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