With the beginning of a new year, Intuit has released new versions of QuickBooks 2021. These updated versions are complete with new and improved features to help you run your business. The tools are to empower you and help you work more efficiently. Continuing reading to see what is improved. 

Bank Feeds

How to Access it: From the menu bar, select Edit ? Preferences ? Checking ? Bank Feeds ? Advanced Mode. To launch Bank Feeds from the menu bar, select Banking ? Bank Feeds ? Bank Feeds Center

Feature benefits: New Advanced Mode. Automatically categorize bank transactions with more detail by using enhanced rules, batch editing and improved matching. Gain flexibility and efficiency with enhanced rules that permit you to search for and define categorization criteria quickly.

Having successfully signed in using the Admin Desktop Company file credentials and logged into the Primary Admin for the Intuit account (per previous instructions), you are now ready to invite users to use Receipt Management on their mobile devices or invite them to email receipts.

To begin using the new Bank Feeds, the Admin user for the file needs to set Edit ? Preferences ? Checking ? Company Preferences for Bank Feeds to Advanced Mode.

Quickbooks Example Image 1

Other improvements made to Advanced Mode Bank Feeds with QuickBooks Maintenance Release 3 include:

Using Hotkeys and Shortcuts on a Windows keyboard:

  • Calendar shortcuts (+, - , T, W, K, M, H, Y, R, Alt + down arrow ) – On transaction lists, and add details views
  • Standard shortcuts (Ctrl C, Ctrl V, Ctrl X, and Ctrl Z) – All text boxes and type-able combo boxes
  • Add a new line (Shift + L) – on Add More Details/Match to existing screens.
  • Delete the last line (Shift + R) – on Add More Details/Match to existing screens.
  • Batch actions (Ctrl + Alt + B) – Batch actions in transaction list and rules list
  • Create new rules (Ctrl + Alt + R) – On Rules list
  • Save and add to register (Ctrl + S) – On all detail screens.
  • Cancel (Esc) – All windows


  • Categorization using learned AI
  • Customer:job assignment
  • Marking Customer:job as billable expense
  • On split transactions, adding the remaining amount to the next line
  • Adding rules for Money Out, Money In or one for both

Cusotmize Payment Receipts

How to access it: From the menu bar, select Lists ? Templates ? Payment Receipt. Alternately, from the menu bar, select Customers ? Receive Payments. Click to select the Formatting tab on the ribbon toolbar and choose to Customize Data Layout.

NOTE:If this is your first customization of the payment receipt, you will be prompted to make a copy of the default Intuit® Standard Payment Receipt.

Feature benefits: Customized payment receipt formatting, including adding a logo and color profiles, displays a more professional and consistent look across your customer communications. Customize the format using the familiar Layout Designer tool.

  • Create multiple formats for use with specific customers Quickbooks Example Image 2

  • You can create multiple payment receipt templates for specific customers. Adding a logo and other customization features will project a more professional image for your business. Quickbooks Example Image 3

PDF Invoice Preview

How to access it: From a displayed Create Invoices transaction, select Email on the main ribbon toolbar.

Feature benefits: Automatically preview the invoice and attachments from the Send Invoice view in QuickBooks. It is no longer necessary to open each attachment manually outside of QuickBooks to confirm the accuracy of your email content.

NOTE: If you have added attachments to the invoice, when selecting to email, you can choose either Invoice or Invoice with Attached Files.

Quickbooks Example Image 4

Quickbooks Example Image 5

QuickBooks Tool Hub

How to access it: Click here to download. Or from www.quickbooks.com/support search for QuickBooks Tool Hub.

Feature benefits: Fix common problems and errors with a hub containing easy-to-use QuickBooks Desktop software troubleshooting tools.

Quickbooks Example Image 6

Simplified Employee History Setup

How to access it: From the menu bar, select Employees ? Payroll Setup.

Feature benefits:With the release of QuickBooks Desktop 2021, small business owners are now able to complete historical startup payroll records more efficiently. Last year’s release of the simplified payroll setup offered a more complete guided setup experience. Small business owners can invite their employees to fill in their own personal information securely. Read last year’s Firm of the Future blog article for more details.

Quickbooks Example Payroll history 1

For QuickBooks users starting payroll on any date other than January 1 of the calendar year, the QuickBooks Payroll Setup, Payroll history is an efficient and accurate method for entering year-to-date payroll history from other sources.

Conveniently add as much or as little detail as desired. For this payroll setup, we are entering a quarterly summary for amounts paid prior to using QuickBooks to prepare payroll.

Quickbooks Payroll History Example Image 2

QuickBooks creates YTD adjustment transaction types and by default does not affect any accounts. The purpose of this entry is to provide correct quarterly and annual totals when preparing payroll forms in QuickBooks.

Quickbooks Payroll History Example Image 3

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