With the beginning of a new year, Intuit has released new versions of QuickBooks Desktop 2020 Pro, Premier, Accountant, Enterprise and Mac. These updated versions are complete with new and improved features to help you run your business. The tools are to empower you and help you work more efficiently.

Alternate Vendors available in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2020 with a Platinum Subscription.

How To Access It

From the menu bar, select Vendor Center and click the Items tab to view items assigned to the selected vendor record as a Preferred or Alternate vendor. When creating a purchase order, select the View Vendor Price button on the top right to view vendor specific pricing and other details.

Feature benefits: Centralized information tab in the Vendor Center will list inventory items that were purchased from the selected vendor or where the selected vendor is assigned as a Preferred or Alternate vendor for that inventory item. Use the provided vendor-specific pricing details and past purchasing history to help make more informed purchasing decisions.

Listed under the Items tab for the selected QuickBooks vendor are items purchased from that vendor in the last twelve months.

Manage the individual vendors assigned to an item from the Manage button on the Item record.

Adding Alternate Vendor information manually in each inventory record would be time consuming. One method for efficiently adding this information would start with an export of the inventory items in QuickBooks to Excel. You can complete this by creating a report of your inventory items and exporting them to Excel, or from the menu bar select, Lists -> Item List and from the Excel drop-down menu at the bottom of the list, select Export All Items. You would then take the Excel spreadsheet details and add the Alternate Vendor information you wish to track.

Alternate Vendor details tracked by Enterprise include:

  • Added by QuickBooks automatically: Last Price, Last Qty, Last Order and Import Date (when information was imported)
  • Users can then add: Price (vendor-specific), Lead Time, Vendor PN (part number) and Notes

After updating the Excel spreadsheet you created to include information tracked for Alternate Vendors, you can efficiently copy and paste this information in the Lists ? Add/Edit Multiple List Entries and, from the List drop-down menu, select Vendor Items.

From a displayed purchase order in QuickBooks, click on View Vendor Price to view pricing details from other Preferred or Alternate Vendors.

Optionally, click the small icon (new) next to the selected item’s rate to view the Preferred and Alternate Vendor’s part pricing details.

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