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Processing payroll encompasses several components concentrated around the employees. These factors are time keeping, employee information and employee payment delivery. Here is how they fit together when you outsource payroll:

TIME KEEPING - The first step in accurately processing payroll is to understand the management of time keeping for your business. The time management process can be as simple as paper tracking to a robust, integrated, hosted time system. Whatever process is in place will dictate how time will be presented to initiate payroll each and every pay period.

EMPLOYEE INFORMATION - Kemper 1st Choice Payroll offers an online product available to clients which contains the employees’ information necessary to calculate gross wages, tax withholdings, deductions and ultimately net pay. This online product provides you with an option of 24- hour access to your company’s information related to payroll and other workforce management factors, such as integrated time keeping or ACA management, just to name a few. Also, no worries on filing New Hire Reporting, each time a new employee is added online, we are alerted and file it for you.

EMPLOYEE PAYMENT DELIVERY - Businesses can choose from several options around how employees can receive payroll on pay day. You can choose check printing, debit cards or direct deposit. Checks will be mailed, debit cards and direct deposit pay advices can be emailed to your employees email address. Or use Employee Self Service to download those pay stubs.

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