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Our Paducah, Kentucky Office Has Moved
We are pleased to announce that our Paducah, Kentucky office has moved, but not too far! The new location is j
Ten Ways to Receive Tax-Free Income
Did you know that you can earn tax-free income? It's true! All together now: woo-hoo!! Click below to read our
Introducing Tax Bites - Helpful Bites of Information for Tax Season
Tax Bites: Week of 1/12/15: Tax Extenders: Three Breaks for Individuals on Their 2014 Returns
Ten Steps to Help Thwart Employee Theft
Certain situations drive some people to steal. It's sometimes called the "Fraud Triangle" and it generally con
You Can Follow Kemper Forensics on Twitter (@KemperForensics)
You can follow Kemper Forensics on Twitter with the username @KemperForensics.
Partial Tax Exclusions for Home Sales
One of the best tax breaks available is the ability to avoid tax when selling a principal residence. Up to $50
Uncashed Payroll Checks: Handle With Care
Laws governing the payment of wages are inflexible. We know, you're really surprised at that huh?!! One busine
Are You Owed Money from a Business that Filed for Bankruptcy?
Is your business owed money by a company that has filed bankruptcy? Well that's just no good at all. Before yo
Protect Your Company's Plan from an IRS Attack
You know, the IRS is fine as long as it's not in your mailbox or sitting across from your desk as a result of
Remember Business Basics When Paying Relatives
Salaries can hit close to home in a family business. Some relatives may feel they're underpaid compared with o
Year-End Tax Planning
Year-end tax planning is especially challenging this year because Congress has yet to act on a host of...
200 Indiana Consumers Report IRS Scam
If you receive a call from someone claiming to be with the IRS and demanding immediate payment, hang up...

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